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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Ovono Car Care offers specialist Alloy Wheel Refurbishment, including Diamond Cut Finish, although wheel painting remains an option too.

Using precision engineering, a Diamond Cut Finish can only be achieved with specialist equipment and expert operational knowledge. Customers should be aware that there are certain limitations for Diamond Cut Finishing, such as if your vehicle has previously had this treatment, it is possible that there may be insufficient alloy for the process to be repeated. This is due to the Diamond Cut Finishing process, where our team will remove a small amount of the damaged surface of the alloy, in order to replicate the original Diamond Cut Finish. The alloy is then lacquered, protecting the finish against further damage*.

*Please note, this finish is not as durable as some painted finishes. Please discuss with our team for further details and advice.

Benefits of Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Ovono Car Care are experts at refurbishing alloy wheels in Blackpool which can provide numerous benefits, both practical and aesthetic, making it a worthwhile investment for vehicle owners. Alloy wheels, typically made from a combination of aluminum and other metals, are commonly found on modern cars due to their lightweight and stylish appearance. Over time, however, these wheels can become damaged, scratched, or corroded due to various factors such as road debris, curbs, and harsh weather conditions. Refurbishing them offers several advantages that contribute to the overall longevity, safety, and appeal of the vehicle.

Firstly, refurbishing alloy wheels can enhance their durability and functionality. Damaged wheels may compromise the structural integrity, potentially leading to decreased performance and safety concerns. By refurbishing them, any cracks, dents, or other damages can be repaired, ensuring that the wheels remain strong and capable of handling the stresses of everyday driving. Moreover, refurbishment includes treatments such as wheel balancing and alignment, which promote even tire wear and better handling, resulting in improved overall driving experience and safety.